KIATO No.12 NON-STERILE SWEDISH Carbon Steel Surgical Scalpel Blades 100-count Box Long Expiry Date

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SUPERIOR QUALITY: Every blade has been finely honed to emulate razor sharpness across the cutting edge of the blade resulting in consistent performance edge to edge to meet continuous demand repeatedly with reliability. The precision blade design facilitates more control when needed THINNER BLADES: For more intricate and accurate cuts with ultra sharpness and concealment lines HIGHLY DURABLE: Made from SWISS High Carbon Steel to give consistent strength. These blades stay super sharp and maintain their cutting edge for a longer period resulting in time saving and giving greater value INDIVIDUALLY SEALED IN V.P.I. FOIL POUCHES: Each blade is first wrapped in a corrosion resistant paper liner and then individually sealed in peel-open aluminium foil pouches for convenience and extra safety COMPACT BOX SIZE WITH DISPENSING SLOT: The 100-Count Blades come in a small, convenient and lightweight easy to store Box measuring 3.47 x 3.15 x 1.10 (88 x 80 x 28mm), which weighs 4.02oz (114g). On the side of the box there is a handy Dispensing Slot Opening, allowing the blades to be withdrawn easily, one at a time. These blades fit a No.3 Scalpel HandleBRAND NEW BOX of 100-count of KIATO No.12 NON-STERILE SWEDISH HIGH CARBON STEEL SCALPEL BLADES

The No.12 SWEDISH High Carbon Steel Blade is one of the most popular shapes

These high performance scalpel blades are advance manufactured to precise angles using a very environmentally friendly process, resulting in a cutting edge which is highly corrosion resistant. These specifications enhance strength, actual sharpness and sharpness retention.

These blades have a super sharp edge that help achieve consistent cutting flow with ease and without any drag.

They offer a razor sharp cutting edge and tip, giving great efficiency when performing highly technical manoeuvres, and quite often are the go-to cutting tool.

International Reputation - Designed & Manufactured to the highest craftmanship quality standards, KIATO blades are Renowned for their Sharpness and Versatility.

Use one of the most Advance Blades in the World that accentuate greater dexterity and feel.

KIATO - when Quality, Consistency & Reliability matter!


  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Size: 12
  • Weight: 0.1kg


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